The History of the Skyblaze


The Skyblaze:
By the dawn of the third age, the Gods had ruled the mortal Verse completely. Every rock and tree had been placed and tended by the gods, but the creatures of the mortal Verse wanted sovereignty, freedom, a detachment from the gods who had ruled their existence for so long. The dragons, the most powerful beings of the mortal Verse, rose up against them. For forty long years the dragons fought in what has come to be called the Skyblaze. During these wars, a dozen gods were slain, the rest forced within their own Verses. Soon after, the Dragons and the Dragon Riders found themselves in positions of great power, and many became rulers over the land. Under the rule of the dragons, grand empires have been created, while the gods enviously watched from the heavens.

The Astral Portals:
Across the Erth there are eight known portals that connect the mortal verse with the immortal verses. The original seven were constructed in the first age, and connected to the Astral Sea, the Feywild, the elemental chaos, and other immortal realms. The final, eighth portal was opened by the god Morgoth at the dawn of the second age, who directly connected the underverse with the mortal verse. From this dark portal, greed, evil, corruption and hatred poured into the mortal verse, forever tainting the hearts of every creature. After the mortals stopped their prayers, the gods had lost their immortality and their power was weakened, but it was only through the destruction of these portals that completely stopped the god’s ability to influence the mortal realm.

The Wizard Convocation:
As the Skyblaze began and the first portal to the Feywild had been destroyed, the Eladrin placed a magical dome around their forest to protect their home. Such power had never been demonstrated before in all the ages, and as the Dragons witnessed the power of the Eladrin wizards they asked the other races to offer their magic to the war against the gods. From this came the Convocation, the great assembly of the nation’s wizards. Grand Wizards from the Elves, Dwarves, Humans and other magi from the corners of the world were a part of the Convocation. In order to fight back the gods, great towers were constructed for the wizards to amplify their magic and house their power. Thirty of these towers were created across Nost’Algea, which created a network of powerful magic across all the continents. The Wizards, with their combined power, offered magical relics and powerful spells to the warriors of the Skyblaze, and many of these wizards became dragon riders themselves. During the Skyblaze, most of the towers were destroyed, the wizards within them slain. To this day it is not known how many towers remain, or just how many arch magi who belonged to the original Convocation are still alive. It is said though, that the most powerful relics of all the ages were created by the Convocation during these wars – some of which still remain housed in the lost wizard towers.

The Dragon Riders:
In the early stages of the Skyblaze, there was a batch of orphaned dragon eggs collected by a clan of Dragonborn. The clan nurtured and protected the eggs, planning to raise the dragons themselves. Upon hatching, a strange thing happened. The natural link between true dragons and the Dragonborn released a powerful magic that bonded the dragons to their humanoid kin. The hatchling dragons became mentally connected to one of the Dragonborn of their choosing, a connection that granted each of them amazing magical powers. Each became stronger, more intelligent, grew faster and larger than their kin, were ageless and showed natural magical abilities.
These powerful Dragon Riders became leaders among the dragon armies. Their abilities could not be matched by any of their peers. More and more Dragonborn were given eggs to protect in hopes the bond would recur, and soon the dragons even began trusting their eggs to other races in an attempt to re-create this magical link. Although rarer, it was possible for any race with magical blood to become a true Dragon Rider. At their peak power, there were nearly two hundred Dragon Riders across all the lands of Nost’Algea, and each were highly respected among the armies and among the citizens.
During the Skyblaze, nations would be shattered by the gods, royal bloodlines spilled. It was the Dragon Riders who took up the responsibility to rule, and the Riders became more than great warriors, but great leaders. Empires were restored and rebuilt by the efforts of the Riders, and thus it would have stayed if not for the Night of the Torn Wings. In the last few months of the Skyblaze, the gods seemed nearly defeated, and the Dragon Riders lead a final assault against the immortals. Every rider flew into battle, leading hundreds of their kin and the wizards of the Convocation in the hopes to strike the last blow against the gods. The immortals were not as weak as perceived, and the battle turned sour. Nearly every rider gave their lives in order for the dragons and the wizards to retreat, blood that was shed in honour. Legends are told of their bravery and their sacrifice, and the dragons remember their fallen brothers with grand ballads and songs.

After the Skyblaze:
The gods were defeated, their immortal blood spilled upon mortal soil. From where the bodies of the gods lay, the land has transformed in drastic, unnatural ways. From the remnants of Pelor great fissures have opened up into the world that emit a bright golden light, the stone itself began to glow. From Corellon’s remains grows a magnificent tree as tall as a mountain. After the Skyblaze, where most of the realm was destroyed in dragon fire and deadly pestilence, new beauties have grown and new empires have been created under the rule of the remaining dragons. The dragons appointed themselves as the rulers of the realm, and there are many nations under dragon rule:

The Northern Forests of the Tassadium are ruled by three of the remaining Dragon Riders.

The Golden Empire had been ruled by the Great Gold Dragon and his council for centuries – until the fall of Ruthx’ghar and the appointment of Qui’xelt, the silver dragon. The golden empire, one of the largest nations controlled by the dragons is under siege by the Blue Sun armies. No one knows where these evils came from or why they are suddenly powerful enough to challenge an entire empire.

To the southwest, the lands are controlled by the red dragon Khaan and his dragon rider, and all of Khaan’s neighbouring empires fear his chaotic, anarchic society.

Across the ocean to the east is the empire of the Green Dragons, where the Swamps of Mist hide a thousand secrets.

The savage north is loosely patrolled by a tribe of white dragons. These dragons live in vast, elegant ice caverns lit by eternal blue fires.

The southern jungles are ruled by a society of black dragons, who have had large pyramids constructed in their name. Ritualistic sacrifices are offered up to the black dragons atop these pyramids, and the tribal people live in reverence to these draconic monsters.

But not all dragons have become rulers of the mortal verse. There are many who had dishonoured themselves in battle, fled from the war or simply had no sympathy for the mortals. These dragons now live as lonely outcasts across the world. It has been told that some dragons scavenged the ruins of empires during the Skyblaze and created vast hoards of gold and treasures which they now protect above all else. It is also rumoured that as wizards of the Convocation were slain, dragons drawn by their lust for power would claim wizard towers, making them their homes and protecting the magical runes and relics within. But of course, not all dragons have become hermits sleeping on mounds of ancient treasures, there are many free dragons that still roost in the mountains and forests and raise families of their own. Many of these dragons have created arrangements and deals with the empires draconic rulers, allowing them to roost in the land under certain rules or agreements.

The History of the Skyblaze

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