The Blood Order

The Blood Order.
The band of criminals and rebels called the Blood Order rule the underground of the city. Very little of them is known to the average citizen, save for the name of the organisation, and the citizens live in fear of them. Tuit-Su, their leader, is a mythical figurehead that all of the Order looks up to, yet few say they have ever seen. It is a mystery whether he even exists or if he is a representative of something bigger.
The Blood Order controls dozens of hideouts and warehouses across the city and each are connected by the underground sewer tunnels. The members of the Order each have Bloodmaps of the sewers and the locations of their safe houses that only a member of the Order can read. To any other who attempts to read a Bloodmap, the papyrus will disintegrate in their hands.
Members of the Order also know of the secret seal and the code. The seal represents you as one of the Order, and is shown upon meeting a fellow member as a sign of trust. The code of the Order must be spoken upon being allowed entry into a safe house. The code is a single phrase that changes on each summer solstice.

It has been rumoured that the leader of the Order, Tuit-Su, is in fact a Black Dragon, living in the sewers of the city. If this were true, Tuit-Su would have to be ancient, having ruled the order since the city was built.

It has also been thought that Tuit-Su was in fact a god, who was cast out of the golden land long ago and forced to live among mortals. If this Demigod was in fact the leader
of the Blood Order, he may still be communing with gods of the parallel realms, and may hold extremely valuable information.

Another theory is that Tuit-Su is merely a representation of a greater power, or perhaps a group of many leaders under the name of the Tuit-Su. Only one who was very influential in the Blood Order could possibly know for sure.

To become one of the Blood Order you must pass a series of tests and prove your loyalty to the society. You must prove your worth depending on your skills, such as stealing a valuable item, assassinating a target or destroying specific property. Once you have proved your worth, been hazed and gone through the trials, you may be awarded a title, your Blood Order Seal, and you may learn the code. Once joining the Order, you can never leave. If you are found guilty of crimes against the Order, you will be put to death.

After becoming one of the Order, you can begin multiclass training for the Rouge, Assassin, Paladin of Slaughter / Tyranny, Cleric, Blackguard and Fighter classes.

Once a member, you are given a Bloodmap of the city and are welcome in any safe house, warehouse or hideout under the control of the Order. Also, once a member, you are liable to be given missions, with or without reward. Depending on your skills, you may have to:

Assassinate a target: Be it royalty, a town guard, or just a man who stepped out of line, the Blood Order is responsible for the ‘disappearance’ of many people.

Steal an object: Sometimes the Order gets news of objects of certain wealth or magical property. You may or may not get a cut in the profits.

Intimidate a target: Sometimes people get in too deep. Give them a friendly reminder that they owe the Order, and what would happen if they don’t pay up.

Destroy property: Nothing can get someone to relocate better than a devastating accident. Fires are hard to stop once they really get going.

Recruit forces: The Order sometimes picks out individuals of certain skill, which would be very helpful to have under control. Make it clear to them that they have no choice.

Mark Territory: Some petty street gangs can overstep their boundaries. Teach them a lesson and let them know the blood order really controls the city.

Infiltrate: Sometimes the blood order needs information about a person, a location, schematics of buildings or objects, and you’re the perfect guy for the job.

Take the fall: If your performance has not been satisfactory of if a plan just needs a scapegoat, you may just be chosen to fall behind. Don’t worry; they’ll probably break you out of jail later.

Manage Finances: Organizations need money, and you know how to get some. Sell narcotics, rob markets, work the streets. Dignity is not required.

The blood order is a massive organization, with hundreds of members and dozens of safe houses. As a member, you are ensured protection and equipment and housing. Depending on your rank or importance you may be given other boons, such as salary pay or leadership positions. No member of the order is without comfort or wealth though, as long as they work their weight in gold.

The Blood Order

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