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“Greetings, traveller – welcome to your grave…”

These are the dread words that an old and deformed hag hoarsely whispes from inside an old shack that you encountered on the road. She shuffles out, her limp form dangling and pale and nearly lifeless. The sun is setting, and only a small oval of blazing red light can be seen on the horizon far in the distance, painting the clouds blood red. The hag is hardly covered in mouldy tatterred robes, and she shuffles to you and grasps your arm with a crooked smile on her face.

“You look weary, traveller! We all are here…….. and alas, I must tell you that you will find no sanctuary here. Look around… breath in the air! The air is rank with fear and death, can you smell it?!

She cackles wildly, and continues in a grave and haunting tone.

“Something is rotten in the land of Nost’Algea… watch your step as you travel the roads in this realm. In the twilight hours that hang so long over our rank skies, you will find things inhuman and monstrous, terrors unhindered, nightmares that will haunt your every step. The only way you will live, good traveller, is if you leave all humanity behind…”

With this, the hag grips at your shirt and brings you in close, her rank breath tickling your nostrils.

“Good traveller, how much of a monster are you?

Home Page

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