History of the elves:
In the first age, the Feywild collapsed into the void and the Fey were rent from their Verse. The Eladrin, ancestors of the elves, found their sanctuary in the mortal Verse among the trees of the Silvan Forest. For an age they remained here, until the dawn of the second age and the balance of power shifted. Greed and resentment found its way into the halls of the Eladrin, and a faction rose up who dared question the traditions of old. This faction was called the Tassadium. Bloody civil war ensued for seven long years, and many Eladrin heroes rose and fell for both factions. In the end, the Tassadium decided it would be best for them to separate from their brothers and create a new home. During this age, the Tassadium were no longer immersed in the magic of the Silvan Forest, and the power of the Fey slowly left the Eladrin of this faction. They became elves, no longer holding the grace and magic the Eladrin held. At the dawn of the third age, as the Gods were slain and the Dragons took the thrones of the world, another faction broke off from the Tassadium. Humans, a race of industry and trade, had risen during the second age, and some of the elves were drawn to the ever changing world of man. The Amandil Elves left their homes to the shorelines, where they became masters of the sea and trade. During this time the bloodline was diluted even more, and soon all the Amandil Elves were just as human as they were Elven. The Tassadium and Amandil hold cordial relations with each other; there is little bad blood between them. The Eladrin on the other hand feel that all elves and half-elves are perversions of the fey bloodline. No Tassadium or Amandil are permitted within the Silvan Forest, they are forever banished in the eyes of the Eladrin.

Eladrin Faction of the Silvan Forest:
“We are linked by blood, and blood is our feybrothers memory within our hearts.”
The Eladrin are a proud people, believing themselves the purest race, closest to their Feywild ancestors. Their tradition is strongly influenced by their ancestry, and all of their history has occurred in their home, the Silvan Forest. They hold horrible blood feuds with the Tassadium and Amandil factions, whom they believe are delusions of the bloodline. They call them Telrunya, or Blood Poison. As such, relations with the separate factions are tense at best.
During the Skyblaze, the Eladrin forest was invaded and the portal to the Feywild destroyed by outsiders. In retaliation to this, the Eladrin used their magic to place a ward over their entire forest. A prismatic dome of radiant energy was cast over the Silvan Forest to protect the trees from the chaos that overtook the land. For the long forty years of the Skyblaze the Eladrin remained static in their forests, neither fighting for or against the gods.
Eladrin adventurers are few and far between. Those who leave the forest without command from the elder council are often labelled as deserters, never permitted to return. The strict society of the Eladrin can be compared to early Japan; the people believe that in order to maintain the culture of their ancestors the land must be kept pure and unexplored by outsiders. Only on important diplomatic matters will Eladrin be found travelling outside of their forests.

Tassadium Elves of the Northern Woodlands:
“Freedom is the right of every sentient being.”
The Tassadium, known to humans as the Free Ones, are a group of Eladrin who denied the traditions of old and left the Silvan Forest, and so lost some connection to the Feywild from which they were born. After a time, the Eladrin bloodline was weakened, the magic dissolved from their hearts. They became Elves, still creatures of magic, yet who have lost their affinity with the Fey. In the northern forests they made new cities, elven sanctuaries among the trees. For an age, they lived mainly undisturbed, until the time of the Skyblaze, where the elves took a stand among the Dragons.
Being creatures of magic, many of the Dragon Riders were from the Tassadium. The elven Riders were of such power that they soon were appointed as the leaders of the Tassadium faction, and a council of twelve elven riders was made to defend and rule the northern forests. To this day, three riders remain, and their dragons are ancient and wise, still offering their knowledge for the good of the forest and the good of the elves.
Elves, unlike their Eladrin brothers, are not as strict when it comes to protecting their culture. Because of this, elves may leave their forest without being labelled a deserter and outsiders are often welcomed warmly into the elven halls. Tassadium elves actually enjoy hearing stories and tales of the world outside their forest, and no one will be treated better than a bard who can tell tales of faraway lands.

The Seafaring half-elves of the Amandil:
“There is no greater thrill than that of adventure.”
After the Skyblaze, there was a time when the human empires became strong and expansive. Their land stretched from sea to sea, and their commerce and trade was busier than that of any other race. Elves have always been adventurous, and a number of elves were drawn to the chaotic mess that is known as human civilization. They left the forest to pursue a life among men. These elves called themselves the Amandil, the Wanderers, and their grace and beauty enabled them to be warmly welcomed into the human lands. Almost every one of these elves was drawn to the beauty of the sea, where they became masters of the ocean, working trade ships and barges. As more and more elves fell in love with the sea, the Amandil became recognised as the Sea Elves, and the symbol of the Amandil became recognised as trustworthy and honest among sailors. After a time, the Amandil bloodline stretched even farther from their Fey Ancestors, as more and more of the Amandil appeared just as human as they did elven.
The Amandil are spread all across the continent, there are no towns or ports where they specifically hold anchor. The faction has become more of an ideal than a race, where every sailor – be it man or any other creature – who wishes to bear the crest of the Amandil may do so. Because of this, the Eladrin hold the Amandil with the least respect, and are insulted by their ignorance of their ancestry.
Despite their love for the sea, Amandil elves are not against adventuring on land. In fact, it is said that the Amandil have more lust for adventure in their hearts than any other race. It would be rarer to find an Amandil keeping a home, even in his old age, than running the riggings on a ship or travelling from one town to another.


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