Durgenst: Clan. Literally translates to ‘Mine Hall’.
Ignatium: Metalworkers and Forgers
Feldunost: A great horned beast native to the Feldunost Range. Dwarves use them as steeds.
Isidar Mithrim: The Star Rose. A colossal ruby carved in the likeness of a rose.
Barzulghenst: Ore that holds magical properties, only found in the deep mines of the Barzul Clan.
Opherel: To protect.

There are five Dwarven Clans in the land, all of which are separate, yet held together through the bonds of brotherhood and ruled under one Dwarven King.

Durgenst Ignatium: The Dwarves of the Ignatium are respected among the Clans as the greatest smiths and metalworkers, as their name dictates. Their home, Talnok, houses fissures into the world that spew magma, which the Ignatium use to heat their forges. Some believe the Ignatium is blessed by the gods who grant them such power from the world; no other Clan can boast that their fires burn as hot.
The Ignatium’s crest is an anvil ringed by a semi-circle of five stars. Every household of the Ignatium bears this crest, alongside their own family crest. The Dwarves that live under Talnok are proud, and some even call their pride ignorant hubris. Nevertheless, the Durgenst Ignatium holds great power among the Clans, and has a strong voice during Dwarven Council.

Durgenst Feldunost: The Feldunost Clan has constructed most of their dwellings above ground, where they have terraced the mountains into great farms and layered cities. The Feldunost Dwarves are noticeably taller than most other Dwarves, with builds just as thick and bulky. They say it is because they must hold off the monsters native to the Feldunost Mountains.
The Feldunost have managed to domesticate one such monster, the Feldunost from which the mountains gain their name. A vicious beast, best described as a mountain goat mixed with a dire bear. These large creatures have horns bigger than the average man. Feldunost Dwarves have trained these creatures to be used as steeds, both in battle and on the farm, yet wild Feldunost still remain.
The Feldunost crest is a star in front of crossed hammers. It is worn on the helmet of every Feldunost Dwarf.

Feldunost: Large Magical Beast – Level 8 Skirmisher – 350 Exp
Initiative +10 – Senses: Perception +12 low light vision
HP: 114; Bloodied: 57
AC: 23; Fort: 26, Ref: 18, Will: 18
Speed: 10
Bite: (Standard, At-Will)
Reach: 1, +11 vs. AC, 2d8 Damage
Horn Bash: (Standard, At-Will)
Reach: 2. +16 vs. AC. 1d12 +2 Damage, shift enemy one square.
Maul: (Immediate Effect)
If a Feldunost lands a successful Horn Bash attack on a medium or smaller creature, it can choose to maul its target, instantly shifting to its position and pinning the creature to the ground. A creature affected by the maul attack is immobilized and receives an extra 1d6 damage. Once a target is mauled, the target has a -5 to attack and the Feldunost can make two bite attacks each turn on the target. In order to escape the Feldunost’s maul attack, the target must deal 30 or more damage to the Feldunost. The Feldunost cannot attack another creature while mauling, or else the maul attack is instantly ended.

Durgenst Isidar Mithrim: The grand achievement of this Clan is the enormous ruby that hangs high above the hall. The ruby is placed so that sunlight is refracted through it, illuminating the hall in a kaleidoscope of rich burgundies. It is in the halls of the Isidar Mithrim that Dwarven Council is held, and also where the Dwarven King holds his throne.
The Isidar Mithrim’s crest is a rose encased in a stone hexagon. The Isidar Mithrim Clan is greatly respected among the Dwarves, as they live in the great sanctuary of Isidun, the oldest of the Dwarven cities, and open its doors to all Dwarves in times of need. The last three Dwarven Kings have belonged to Durgenst Isidar Mithrim, all of whom have brought great prosperity to the Clans.

Durgenst Barzul: The Barzul Clan is mostly known for the rich amount of resources found in their mountains, but one stone more precious than Mithril can be mined in the halls of Durgenst Barzul. Barzulghenst is a blue dust holds a great deal of natural magic properties. When forged in certain ways, the dust can offer many unique powers.
Durgenst Barzul acts as the central economic hub of the Dwarven Clans, and as such, holds a great amount of power both among the clans and in the continent at large.

Durgenst Opherel: The Dwarves of the Opherel Clan have no underground dwellings of their own. They live either in the halls of other Clans or in giant walled fortresses on the plains. Durgenst Opherel could be known as the Spartans of the Dwarven Clans. They claim that they are the closest to the original Dwarven ancestors that they are made of more stone than other Dwarves – and you cannot kill one made of stone.
Durgenst Opherel have created their own weapons of war, powerful Dwarven steel that surpass the weaponry of any other Clan. They hold their weapons and armour as their greatest pride, and to have an Opherel lend you his steel is a point of immense respect. They have all pledged to defend their Dwarven brothers to the death; it is the greatest honour for an Opherel to die in battle.
The Opherel crest is a flaming dragon wrapped around a hammer. This crest is placed upon every shield the Opherel make, and is viewed an image of strength and honour among all the Clans.

Opherel Elite Weapons: These are given only to the most skilled and strongest of the Opherel.

Opherek: Dwarven Tower Shield: 3 shield Bonus. Cost: 125 Gp
Cannot use shield hand, offers total concealment for matters of blocking ranged attacks. Only Dwarves of the Opherel Clan are proficient with this shield.
Ragni Hefthyn: Greataxe: +4 Prof, 2d6
2 Dam, Two Handed. Cost: 500 Gp
Opherel Dwarves have learned ways to wield this weapon with an Opherek; most others would need two free hands to swing such a weapon.
Durgen Hefthyn: Greathammer: 3 Prof, 2d82 Dam, Two Handed. Cost: 550 Gp
These massive hammers weigh far too much for a normal man to carry, and even Opherel Dwarves need all of their strength to carry this hammer.
Ascudamglen: Plate Armour: +10 AC, +3 Min Enhancement, 0 Check, -1 Speed Cost: 1200 Gp
The large plates used in this armour are often enhanced with Barzulghenst to make them lightweight and mobile. An army wearing Ascudamglen appear to be an intimidating wall of Iron Golems.

In times of need, or when appointing a new king, a Dwarven Council is held in the halls of Durgenst Isidar Mithrim. The Council consists of members from every Clan, and may be held over weeks at a time.
Dwarven Council is a grand display of the stubbornness of the Clans. The Council consists of a hundred and one members, twenty from each Clan and the Dwarven King himself, and none are permitted to leave the halls until an agreement is met. Food and other supplies must be brought into the halls for the proceedings to continue. Tensions can get high, and every fifth day a feast is held in the hall to maintain the good health of all involved. The issues debated during Council are declaring of war against nations, issues of blood feuds between Clans, the appointing of a new king, and economic collapse. Only once in the history of the Clans have all the dwarves needed to seek refuge in the sanctuary of Isidun, but during that time of peril the Council was in constant effect, discussing matters of compensation and protection for all the Clans.


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